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  Statement of Purpose 

​The All About the Drama Theatre Group (AATD) is a 501(c)(3) multidisciplinary performance organization combining elements of the arts through acting, poetry, dance, singing, set design, costumes, sound and other forms of artistic expression. AATD's purpose:

  • To spread awareness and encourage interest in a variety of elements of contemporary urban drama, as well as foster good relations and provide an outlet for the community at large.
  • To provide opportunities to work in theatre geared towards professional development for increased opportunities to work via in-house productions within this network. 
  • To provide an effective tool for our nation's young men and women committed to enriching the awareness of some of our rich heritage through drama by capturing the essence of alternative performance styles raised in urban life.

Core Values

AATD is committed to inclusivity with regard to place, race, ethnicity, class, aesthetics, gender, age. In this regard, AATD accepts the responsibility to be mindful of the challenges in working respectfully and effectively within a culturally diverse membership and society.

AATD's members are given an opportunity to be involved in every aspect of doing a production, including directing, producing, and designing. AATD provides a much more balanced early training for those persons interested in the arts.

AATD understands that it is artistic and community ownership of creative processes and artistic products that distinguishes ensemble theatre from other forms of organizing artistic assets. AATD offers the opportunity to work creatively and will help in developing a portfolio of work to enable an actor to gain practical training in drama and other aspects of theatre. This association could lead some into other areas of theatre, e.g. stage management.

AATD understands that the most effective way to define the idea of ensemble is through practice and example.

AATD values making its own creative and organizational processes transparent to members and interested public, taking advantage of public dialogue, communication media, and open artistic practices.

AATD is committed to the advancement of the ensemble that results in a richly diverse array of theatrical expression.

AATD Manifesto

The All About the Drama Theatre Group was formed by and for artists. We exist to support those who have dedicated their life’s work to creating theatre through the ensemble process.

AATD creates original work with some adaptations. AATD is rooted in the community. We strive to create theatre that is meaningful to each member and to our diverse audiences. We prize most highly the benefits that arise from artists working together over extended periods of time.

The most unique aspect of our work is that the primary decision-making power rests in the hands of the artists. Our resources are dedicated to supporting artists and the artistic process.

By joining AATD we strive to give strength to each other; to share our resources; to document and articulate the heritage and body of work of ensemble practice; and to maximize our ability to bring about change in the world beyond ourselves through the transformative power of collaborative theatre.