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“The Graduate” ©

What happens when a family is forced to deal with the realities of a changing family dynamic that challenges their faith and their future? It is easier to preach and teach against the norm, until it shows up in your very own family, and you are forced to deal with it. Is being gay a sin? Can God make the mistake and put a girl in a boy’s body? Does the lack of hardcore rough sports and more emphasis on love mean your son will be gay? What is the DNA chromosome connection between twins and where will the struggle and the connection begin and end?

Watch as the Harris family deals with denial in the face of adversity that challenges the very faith in the God that they serve. The problems do not start today, but there is a long string of unresolved issues that culminate in the vulnerability of one unique character: because the mirror does not lie!
Laugh, cry, even get angry but follow the graduate with an unsuspected twist that will leave you questioning your own beliefs.

“The Edge” ©

The Edge is a suspenseful drama about three men whose lives are changed after meeting.
Marcus Williams was a lonely man, as far as he could remember he’d been alone. After years of not being accepted and rejection he meets a man who befriends him on the job and makes him feel as though he finally belongs. Now with a different future on the horizon he will do anything to keep his new life, even murder.

Tony Nichols never really had anything to complain about, he had a good life, a beautiful wife and great friends. After befriending what seemed a lonely guy just trying to fit in he finds his life turned around and everyone he loves in danger. Can he stop the threat to his family before it’s too late?
Jonathan Brown has known Tony Nichols forever they are more like brothers than friends. After Tony extends an invite to the office loser Jonathan is suspicious of the needy man who seems to suddenly always be around, with no plans of ever leaving and who wants to take out anyone who stands in his way.

This story will leave you gripping the edge of your seats and afraid to miss one moment of this exciting and riveting tale of loneliness, betrayal and danger at every turn with a surprise ending you won’t believe!

“He Blessed My Soul” ©

A compelling musical drama, tells of a young woman’s struggle to make a new life in Christ while constantly being confronted by an old enemy.

 “A Choice to Make” ©

A stirring portrayal dealing with the life altering consequences that occur as a result of the choices we make. In this inspirational story we see the battle o good and evil as the voices of Satan and Angels urge the participants to make the “right choices”. It tells of heartache, pain, joy and deliverance.

“The Gospel of Jesus Christ the Interview” ©

The story of the life of Jesus Christ through an eyewitness reports, with tidbits never heard of or seen before. This energetic piece will make you laugh, cry and want to dance in the aisles as the people rejoice over the Kings coming and weep over His death only to shout over His resurrections.

“I Don’t Feel No Ways Tired” ©

A thoughtful journey that looks at the civil rights movement and how ancestors of yester years fought to make a way for those in the present. It deals with the ever-present arrogance that we are faced with in the youth of today. Watch as some know-it all youth are swept back in time to slaver, and then forward to the powerful civil rights movement. You’ll weep at the poignant meeting between Dr. King and youth and cheer as he teaches the youth lessons they won’t soon forget.

“Job I Ain’t” ©

The story of Job told in modern times, the struggle of a Christian living the “dream” life only to have it suddenly taken away. As in the original story of Job, friends come with “good intentions” reminding the Christian that it must have been something done y them to warrant the continuous string of calamities.

“The Great Pretender” ©

A compelling drama that deals with the masks we wear everyday never revealing or “true” selves. You’ll struggle with the actors as they come into situations that brutally strip way the comfortable masks leaving raw emotions and lives exposed.

 “The Perfect Melody” ©

An exhilarating romantic comedy about a woman’s struggle to believe in love again after a history of hurt and rejection.