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“The Graduate” ©

What happens when a family is forced to deal with the realities of a changing family dynamic that challenges their faith and their future? It is easier to preach and teach against the norm, until it shows up in your very own family, and you are forced to deal with it. Is being gay a sin? Can God make the mistake and put a girl in a boy’s body? Does the lack of hardcore rough sports and more emphasis on love mean your son will be gay? What is the DNA chromosome connection between twins and where will the struggle and the connection begin and end?

Watch as the Harris family deals with denial in the face of adversity that challenges the very faith in the God that they serve. The problems do not start today, but there is a long string of unresolved issues that culminate in the vulnerability of one unique character: because the mirror does not lie!
Laugh, cry, even get angry but follow the graduate with an unsuspected twist that will leave you questioning your own beliefs.

“He Blessed My Soul” ©

A compelling musical drama, tells of a young woman’s struggle to make a new life in Christ while constantly being confronted by an old enemy.

“A Victims Whisper “©

The issue of bullying has reached pandemic proportions in the educational sector and has caused adverse effects among school-aged children. This issue brings to the forefront two critical players, the victim and the victimizer. The unhealthy relationship between the two wreaks havoc, causing social and emotional consequences that are far reaching and may include drugs, alcohol or suicide. The fallout from such a toxic environment has engulfed our children in the urban setting, leaving their families with on-going unsolved answers.

"The Phyllis Hyman Experience"  ©

A creative musical journey with images and live performance dramatization with Soliloquy Conversations with Ms. Hyman.
This musical depicts the life and career of the famed soul singer from 1977 to her death, by suicide in 1995 at the age of 45. Ms. Hyman is played by LA Young, an international recording artist, whose hit song “No One Can Love You More.” continues to top the UK FM soul/jazz charts.

“RS24” ©

This riveting original work of Clayton LeBouef. Recognized for his brilliant performances on TV, film, and stage: with roles in NBC's Homicide Life on the Streets, HBO's The Wire and Something the Lord Made, Mr. LeBouef's ethereal drama explores how the lives of characters Herbie, a record shop owner and a distressed Street Worker, collide one night on a chance meeting. Each unaware of how this encounter will play a significant role in carving out their destinies.

In reverencing the African Diaspora, RS24 also draws upon ancestral wisdom, vintage music and the return of vinyl to show the connection of how African American music has shaped world culture.
"Happy Ending"
Douglas Turner Ward, Classic Satirical Comedy 

Happy Ending tells of two sisters, Ellie and Vi, who work as maid and laundress for the wealthy Harrisons. Their wealthy ¬employers, the Harrisons, are getting a divorce. Mr. Harrison has discovered his wife in an act of infidelity and the sisters fear that if the marriage breaks up they will be both out of a job. But what Vi and Ellie really fear is that the divorce threatens a cutoff in the household graft the sisters have engaged in for years and which has brought considerable luxury to their lives. Are they grief-stricken that the marriage is over or are they just really upset that the gravy train they’ve been riding for years might come to an end? Come and see this Douglas Turner Ward classic satirical comedy and see what really goes on in this Harlem kitchen.

"Back in The Black" ©
Podcast/Web Series 

​“Back in the Black” celebrates the collected artistry of the creative geniuses of the African Diaspora in Historic Literature, Theatre and Film. These historical forerunners created bodies of work during a time in history when African Americans did not have equal standing in any aspect of the American dream. We are honored and privileged to share intimately with you some of their noted achievements.